Success Stories

The four video success stories below are real life success stories by our actual patients (not actors) and they are giving their real testimony about how their in-home treatment using the Fischer Iontophoresis device literally changed their lives.  Scroll to the bottom for additional unsolicited written testimonials by both our patients and doctors.

Liv's Story

Olivia's Story



Brandon's Story

Brandon's Story



Savanna's Story

Savanna's Story



Lana's Story

Lana's Story



Patients and physicians using the MD-1a and MD-2 Iontophoresis Units for their treatment of hyperhidrosis have been kind enough to send us these unsolicited testimonials about their experiences.


 I’ve had excellent results- more so than I would have ever hoped for!

- Robb A.


 I want to first commend you guys for the great job, your galvanic unit has helped me greatly by curing my palm sweat.

- Sacha P.


 This machine is terrific and has changed my life! Thanks a billion!

- Pav N.


 I recently bought your Fischer Model MD-1a for the treatment of hyperhidrosis in my palms. I am happy to say that for the first time in my life, my palms are completely dry.

- Paul H.


 No one at the [doctor's] office was able to train us to use it, so we turned to R.A. Fischer, the manufacturer, for help. They kindly walked us through the first two treatments over the phone.

- Cindy M.


 Admittedly, I have only used it on one patient, but within two to three weeks there was a noticeable improvement and after about six weeks, both hands and feet were normal. Prior to this, I had tried everything on the market and nothing had had the slightest effect. To date, almost a year later, the benefits have not diminished and there have been no side effects.

- Dr. J.M. MD


 I look forward to receipt of this equipment as soon as possible; after 28 years of frustration with an extreme case of hyperhidrosis, relief is in sight. Results with this unit at Dr. C’s office have solved this problem 100%. Thanks for finally deriving a remedy for this problem.

- Michael W.


 I just wanted to thank you. I've had an extreme hyperhydrosis condition with my hands and feet my whole life; I tried numerous creams and devices, but nothing brought me positive results. I purchased your machine over 3 years ago - and I can't thank you enough. Something that I never thought possible - I am finally sweatless!

- S.M.

 Thank You!! I am so happy to have found this rental program. It allowed me to test and see this works. Now for the 1st time in 38 years I have dry feet. I can’t thank you enough.
- T.L.

 Having tried topical and Botox treatments and after canceling surgery for ETS once I read the side effects, I decided two years ago to try your Iontophoresis unit to tackle my hyperhidrosis problem. WOW. With issues on both hands and feet, a once a week, in home treatment no longer than 1 hour, I was stunned how well it worked. Insurance even reimbursed me. Having minerals in my tap water, nothing else was added. Brilliant and thanks for the great improvement in my home and work life.
- J.R.

 Thank you so much!! I have had SEVERE Hyperhydrosis of the hands ... My hands would literally drip with sweat 24 hours a day since I was 7-8 years old. This machine has changed my life. If you have Hyperhydrosis, try this!! The staff is awesome and will help you with any questions, call today.
- Mike (Totally dry in San Diego)

 I want to thank your organization for assisting my family with the rental and purchase of the Galvanic Unit for my son. What a difference it has made for him socially and academically! I cannot express my gratitude for a wonderful piece of equipment that helped where nothing else seemed to be able to.
- Tara (North Carolina)

 I purchased the MD-1a unit about 3 weeks ago because I have severe hyperhidrosis in my hands and feet. I have used Drysol solution for years with limited improvement. I still use it in conjunction with the MD-1a treatments. I'm sure that not everyone will have results as quickly as I did, but after only two treatments with the Fischer unit I noticed definite improvement. After 6 treatments the difference was dramatic. It has been life-changing!
- Dave (Arizona)

 I LOVE my MD-2 Unit! It has been life changing.
- Tmar (Email)

 The device was a complete revelation and life-changer. It works. It saved me from needless, and potentially harmful, surgery. No matter what situation I'm in, my hands are dry and warm, and I honestly thought, as silly as it sounds, that that would never happen in my lifetime. I would buy it again a thousand times and twice on Tuesdays. I can't thank your company enough for making the device.
- Mike (Email)


If you'd like to see if the Fischer Iontophoresis devices will work for you as well as it's worked for so many others, please click here to get more information and compare models.