Digital Iontophoresis Unit MD-2 (free shipping)


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The Fischer MD-2 is an advanced, programmable Iontophoresis device specially designed for medical treatment of Hyperhidrosis.  Many people consider this device to be the "best overall treatment" for Hyperhidrosis due to it's 85%+ success rate, and the very limited number of small and temporary potential side effects.  The MD-2 is both easy to set up and easy to use, and is available at a very affordable cost.  The unit is backed by a 45-day unconditional money-back guarantee, as well as a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

The unit comes with the waterbath trays, stainless steel plates, patient cords, power cord, and smart phone holder.  Everything you need is included in the above pricing!

** Please note: Our rent to own program consists of 7 monthly payments of $150.  The 45-day money back guarantee does not apply to the rent to own program

MD-2 ApplicationA 32-character LCD display, touchpad keyboard, and microprocessor control of output level, along with self-regulating current, combine to provide unmatched ease of use and precise treatment.

The MD-2 includes several pre-set treatment modes and its customizable user-memory allows one-touch set-up, along with two methods of automatic polarity reversal for virtual hands free operation.

Training Videos

How to Set Up the MD-2     How to Use the MD-2




Model Name:

Digital Iontophoresis Unit Model MD-2


  • Digital self-regulating DC current for precise treatment

  • Programmable intensity and timing

  • 32 character LCD displays full treatment details

  • Touchpad keys for fast, easy programming

  • Seven pre-set modes (session settings)

  • Custom user memory for one-touch operation

  • Auto-reversing polarity

  • Autosense current sensor to reduce sensation

  • Treatment timer with audio alarm

  • Requires a prescription from your doctor

For treatment of:

Excessive sweating of palms, feet, or axillae (underarms)


Approx. 10" (W) x 4" (H) 12" (D)

Weight: Approximately 5 lb



  • (2) Patient connection cords (Red and Black)

  • (2) Waterbath trays (for hands or feet)

  • Stainless Steel Plates

  • Cloths to cover Stainless Steel plates

Available Accessories:

(2) Sponge wet pads (for underarms)

MD-2 WaterBath Trays + Pads

Digital Iontophoresis Unit MD-2 (free shipping)