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The R.A. Fischer Iontophoresis Device Works!  Don't just take our word for it.  We've spent hours combing the Internet looking for all of the best articles about the R.A. Fischer Iontophoresis devices, and the Iontophoresis treatment in general.  You might want to bookmark this page!

-- Watch the Fox 11 News Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee demonstrate the R.A. Fischer device.  In her commentary she states "THIS WORKS!"  She also states that "This is something that people need to know about!"  Watch the video here.

-- Dr. Raymond demonstrates the R.A. Fischer MD-1a here on News9 in Oklahoma.  In the segment he states "The machine is idiot proof, we can all do it, and it works very well."  Watch the video here

--The International Hyperhidrosis Society states "There are a variety of iontophoresis device manufacturers available around the world, but at this time, the International Hyperhidrosis Society is most familiar with the devices made by R.A. Fischer, which is the sole US manufacturer (and registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) of the plug-in devices."  In addition, the IHHS states "...the US physicians of the International Hyperhidrosis Society suggest plug-in devices instead of the battery-powered machines. Usually the more powerful, plug-in devices require a doctor's prescription."  Please see their Iontophoresis section of their website here

-- See the Hyperhidrosis Network name the R.A. Fischer device as one of the "Top Iontophoresis Machines" here.  In fact, the R.A. Fischer Company is the only company in the United States with a Prescription Grade Iontophoresis device on the market

-- The Journal of the American Medical Association abstract of Iontophoreis for Hyperhidrosis states "A relatively inexpensive and easily constructed device for iontophoresis has at least one good clinical indication. This is in the treatment of palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. Two or three treatments a week for about two weeks will usually induce an euhidrotic state, which can be maintained by treatment at intervals of one month or longer."  See the abstract here

-- American Family Physician Magazine discusses Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis here

-- See the U.C. Davis Dermatology Online Journal article about Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis here

-- The Healthline website discusses Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis here

-- See the eHow Health article on Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis here

-- See the Social Hygiene Service, Department of Health, Hong Kong's study on "Treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis using tap water Iontophoresis" here

-- Let's not forget what our customers say about Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis.  You can read their testimonials here

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